Fifth Inning

Fifth Inning

Evan Longoria

Felix and catcher John Jaso change strategy. The off-speed blizzard begins. And the ump blows another call. Page 123.



Back to back breaking balls brings the count even at 1-1. Page 123



Crisp liner to second, another easy out. Page 123



Ben Zobrist

Felix starts off Zobrist with a sinker in the dirt. Page 124.



Curve ball down yields a foul ball. Page 124.



Two-seamer in the dirt. Page 124.



Ridiculous curveball to even the count. Page 124.



Foul. Page 124.



Defensive swing. Can of corn. Page 124.



Carlos Pena

Pena misses a hittable fastball. Page 124.



Count evens. Page 124.



Jam shot. Page 124.