Ninth Inning

Ninth Inning

Pinch-hitter Desmond Jennings

Felix hyped. A buit too hyped, perhaps. His control is wavering. Curve ball misses up. Page 166.



Slider down for a swing and miss. Page 167.



Slider on the corner for strike 2. K cards are dancing in King’s corner. Page. 167.



Jennings spoils strike 3, just getting a piece of a low slider. Page 167



Four seamer at the top of the zone. Classic ladder pitch at 95 mph. Jennings is having a good AB. Spoils the pitch again. Page 167.



Cartoon change ends the at bat with a strikeout. What comes after delirium? Safeco has arrived. Page 167.



Pinch-hitter Jeff Keppinger

Pinch-hitter Jeff Keppinger takes a slider away. Page 167.



Slider for a strike. Page 167.



Keppinger swings and misses at  a pitch that almost nails him. It was a 95-mph sinker, which is probably technically impossible to throw or hit. Page 167.



Change up produces a routine ground ball to short. 26 up, 26 down. One to go. Fastball away.  Page 168.




Sean Rodriguez

Last hitter. Felix misses with a fastball off the corner.



Slider misses away as well. Felix in the hole 2-0.



Behind 2-0. An automatic fastball count. Jaso calls for the slider. Rodriguez swings over it, fooled. Page 168.



Curve ball to get level in the count. You can’t hear yourself think in the park. Page 169.



One pitch away from the 23rd perfect game in Major League Baseball history. The King on the hill. Jaso says there’s only one pitch that can end a Felix no-hitter. It has to be the change. Page 169.