Second Inning

Second Inning

Top of the second with Evan Longoria leading off:

Takes a fastball up.



Felix throws his first decent breaking pitch of the day, an overhand curve that nips the corner. Page 62



Fastball up, fouled straight back. Page 62.



Curveball low and away. Longoria waves at it. First K. Page 62.



Ben Zobrist

Zobrist sees yet another first pitch fastball at the knees. Ump blows the call. Page. 64



Zobrist takes again to jump ahead in the count, 2-0. Page 64.



Good slider just misses 3-0. Page 64.



Zobrist takes the automatic strike on a grooved fastball. Page 64.



Zobrist sits fastball and gets it, but does nothing with it. Page 65.



Carlos Pena

Carlos Pena, first baseman with good power but high K-rate. Hernandez throws yet another first pitch fastball to a fastball hitter. He gets away with it. Page 65.