Eighth Inning

Eighth Inning

Heart of the Order, Evan Longoria

Crowd’s going crazy. Let’s go Felix chants nonstop. Page 157.



Back-to-back big sliders put Longoria in a hole he’ll never get out of. Page 157.



A changeup that broke two feet, but alas a foot too far. Jaso says it’s like having the cheat codes to a video game. It’s unfair. Page 157.



KKKKKK! Page 158.




Ben Zobrist

Curve catches the inside corner. Page 158.



Two seamer div es out of the zone to even the count. Page 158.



Big curve fouled off. Page 158.



Diving changeup yields another K. Page 158.




Carlos Pena

Everybody in Safeco is on their feet screaming. Pena hasn’t touched anything all day, but Felix misses away. Still hitting 95 on the stadium radar gun.Page 158.



Big slow curve evens the count.



Change puts Pena in a hole. Page. 158.



Yakker. Perfect through 8. Page 159.