Sixth Inning

Sixth Inning

Jose Lobaton

Lobaton takes a two-seamer. Page 127.



Felix misses outside. Page 127.



More shaky control. Curve wide. Page 127.



Fastball to catch up. Page 127.



Curve fouled off. Page 127.



Royale again! Page 127.



Elliot Johnson

Johnson looking fastball is fooled by by the yakker. Page 128.



Royale! Page 128.



Nobody goes up these looking to swing at a ball in the dirt, Johnson said later. But when the ball rolls off a table top what can you do. Page 128.




Sean Rodriguez

Felix catches a break on the called high fastball strike.



Big curveball, strike 2. Page 128.



Two seamer in the dirt. Page 128.



Foul tip on a curveball. Nails Jaso again.



Two seamer down. Good take. Page 128.



Gorgeous curveball on the corner. K.