Fourth Inning

Fourth Inning

Back to the top of the order – Sam Fuld.

Fastball in. Remember, little guys get fastballs.



Best change of the day so far. Best change he’s ever seen, says Fuld. Page 96



Felix loses the plate for a few pitches. Bounces a curve. Page 97.



Wild slider inside almost hits Fuld. Page 97.



Fastball waaaayyyyy off the plate.



Great at bat by Fuld, helped out by a sudden loss of control by Felix. Takes the count full. Felix gets lucky. Page 97.




B.J. Upton

Felix wild spell continues with Upton. Page 102



Sinker in the dirt. Five of the last six pitches haven’t been close. Page 102.



Grooved fastball fouled back. Page 102.



Wild curveball Upton can’t lay off. Instead of a runner on first, Felix gets back in the count. Page 102



Beautiful yellow hammer curveball K’s Upton. Page 102.



Matt Joyce

King Felix looking decidedly common this inning, falls behind his third straight hitter.



A two-seamer evens the count. Page 102.



Ump blows a call. It happens. But it’s also one of the reasons the overhand curveball isn’t thrown as much anymore. Page 102.



Almost identical pitch this time called a strike to level the count. Page 102.



The Royale! Struggling a bit, but perfect through four. Page 102.